Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GOD's Lifetime Favor

Go check your Holy Bible at Psalm 30:5

I have asked myself before if GOD turns away HIS favor from me when i fail HIM and this was my the verse GOD gave through Ate Zhaleen.

I would like to share GOD s favor these past few weeks. Last week, the General Admission tickets for the Hillsong concert were sold out already so that made us decide to just buy the Upper Box B tickets. We got kind of sad coz the ticket price for that was expensive. Amazingly, my sister has a friend who sold tickets from 1150 down to 720. We were happy. Although, 1150 was ok since we know we re planting seeds to our fellowmen coz it s a charity concert. Darlene Zschech called it worship night instead of concert. She is a very gifted and humble soul. GOD is amazing in her life! We were the first ones to line up at the coliseum yesterday. We were 5 hours and 30 minutes early. hehehe! Around 5pm, one of the security was telling everyone that there will only be 1 ticket person and that person will only pick one section to check. We were lined up for the Upper Box B. Some were in Patron, Lower Box and Upper Box A. If the ticket person chooses Patron, only
people with Patron tickets will enter. I was thinking how that will never happen. I just prayed for GOD s favor and remained excited for this amazing event. After an hour, there were 4 ticket ladies. Yay! Justice shall prevail in GOD s Kingdom.

I was kind of fretting about my shampoo and conditioner. I couldn t even buy the scent i want. My mom buys those for now coz i don t have budget for that yet. Amazingly, GOD send my FREE shampoo and conditioner that i have been consciously waiting for this month. GOD really has HIS own perfect timing. Just amazing! i have a new set of shampoo and conditioner in big bottles with a yummy scent. Woohoo! i was expecting 1 sachet each. In GOD, expect ONLY the BEST!


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Michele Williams said...

God said, "why worry and fret... I have it all under control". God bless you dear.