Sunday, April 18, 2010

Everything Falls into Place When You Wait

GOD allows everything that is happening in your life right now. The mere question is: is it GOD s Perfect Will or GOD s Permissive Will?

When you think about it, do you decide before you pray or do you pray before you decide?

My life has been full of wrong decisions. i wanted things my way. Most of the time, i was upset and felt empty. Up until i surrendered my life to GOD last 2007.

It s totally amazing when i see it. GOD has certainly rescued me from ugly circumstances. Now that i have learned to be patient, i saw how GOD moved and that every thing is falling into its right place. i was so determined to hurry in getting married just to be with the man i love. Amazingly, GOD has HIS own timing. i was scheduled to marry this year but ive gotten braces last September to look better on my wedding and i wanted to be pretty for my honey although he says i already am. hehehe! i am being taught by GOD to be more patient and it certainly has its own rewards. Come to think of it, if im already in the US now, i wouldn t have seen 4 of my disciples graduate from HS. i wouldn t have the chance to make them all undergo a life-changing ENCOUNTER retreat on May 14-16. i enjoy being supportive. i wouldn t be able to attend a concert of Darlene Zschech with the Hillsong Worship Team on Tuesday. i wouldn t be able to attend a conference entitled
Passion led by Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin on May 25. Who knows when will they come back here? So for me, it s an opportunity to grab. There are much more reasons why im still here.

As i wait, i know that GOD is making me grow in HIS presence and i thank HIM for HIS Perfect Will in my life. i also thank Cody for being an instrument of GOD in patience. He really has the gift of patience and careful planning. One of the best qualities he has. Thank GOD!



Karen said...

Been missing you, Hon....

covnitkepr1 said...

Just seems like our human nature to want something and want it NOW. It's when we do wait that things not only fall into place...they fall into their proper place.
Good blog...good posts...I'm now a follower.
I invite you to my blog and perhaps become one to.