Thursday, March 6, 2008

Life is beautiful

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." ~Genesis 1:1

Imagine. Visualize. Amazing, huh?

This is a beautiful day. All days are. No such thing as an ugly day. Learn to appreciate the nature around you. You'll see that life is beautiful. Not because of the people around you but because of the GOD who created them.

Life is not about being surrounded by too many friends but by surrounding people with your friendship. Life is not about the friends I have but by the GOD I have. Isn't it awesome to know that we have a faithful GOD even if we aren't?

From now on, I want to be able to have the impression on others that I was never unhappy with my life. You asked why? Because our GOD is great and HE completes us.

I would have never seen this beauty if I have committed suicide but not that I've considered it. I've thought of it. But I've found new life. Do you want yours too? Look up!


Leigh said...

As we walk down the path of HIS perfect will,
we shall go from strength to strength.
We shall feel HIS hand of blessing upon our lives.
We shall find great joy, satisfaction and love.
We shall find new challenges and new inspirations in our lives.

leigh said...

that's why LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!