Sunday, March 30, 2008

Find God's purpose for you

Life is not about getting rich with money but knowing God's very purpose in your life. Why? Sadly, more than 50% of the world's population do not know their real purpose in life. They feel lost. They feel empty. They feel lonely.

I WAS one of those. Are you asking me why I used "was?" Because God's grace and unconditional love has shown me what His real purpose in my life is. Amazingly, I was about to fall into the ditch but He was faithful enough to catch me. Don't you want to be used by God? You can be used in the very simplest ways. He has written your name in the palm of His hands. He has a purpose for you. He even knows the name of each star in the sky. Great joy in store for you. Multitude of blessings not sins.

Happiness is not measured on how much money you have. Why? Money can certainly buy all the riches in the world. But, ask yourself, can money buy the riches in heaven? Money can never buy real happiness. Only God can give you that. What should we do to be happy? Find your purpose but not just any purpose. GOD'S PURPOSE. How do we find God's purpose for us? Humble yourself to God. Confess your sins and repent. Why? Jesus died for you. Isn't that reason enough? Sin is the only barrier that stops us from being happy. God does not only give happiness but also joy.

When we touch other people's lives and please God alone, that leads us to the very purpose of God for us. Can the riches in the world ever satisfy you? Or does God make you contented enough to say that happiness is seeing people accept Christ? Jesus made the biggest sacrifice ever. What is that? HIS VERY LIFE! Can you ever die with so much suffering just for the sake of others? Well, you do not have to worry about that coz Jesus already did that for all of us. So, what littlest sacrifice can you give to Jesus?

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