Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Very First G12 Cell Meeting

I had a break with regards to preaching in my cell group. I've had struggles that's why I've stopped. GOD IS AMAZING for changing me inspite of the problems I've been encountering.

GOD gave me a G12 cell leader and she is my younger sister, Hazel. When we were younger, we used to be the best of friends and at the same time, the worst of enemies. Everything changed and got so much better between us. Our new relationship is just so amazing. We certainly are a team. She helped me with my leadership struggles.

I prepared 6 people to become a part of my 12. I prepared for the preaching with my sister's help and amazingly, GOD used the preaching notes given to me to change my negative outlook and made me feel better about who GOD really is in my life. GOD is my integrity!

After GOD changed my heart, I was able to conduct my very first G12 cell meeting. I was praying while preaching. I've gotten positive responses which was voluntarily shared. Just amazing! GOD DID IT ALL! I was so excited and until now, I can still feel the excitement.


GOD has extended my patience and strength. I'm excited for more of GOD!

Special thanks to my darling sister and G12 cell leader, Hazel, for your wise Pastora Zhaleen for helping me breathe again, you are a blessing to every soul you my awesome boyfriend, Cody, for your commitment to me. THANK GOD for giving me these people!

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Anonymous said...

God is so extremely faithful. And your testimony here proves that point all the more!! : ) God bless you!!